The pictures from 'Evidence' are of my family (parents, grandparents, brothers and their children, my nieces and nephews. I began photographing my family in Kentucky after receiving my first gifted 35mm camera in the late 1970s, while 8 was in my twenties. I had no ambition for the pictures other than to capture an image of my family that reflected what I saw and felt. In the middle 80s, I stopped taking pictures as I had entered the film school of Columbia University in New York City. It was at this time that I came out as a gay man.

In the early 90s, I went back to photography with a newer enthusiasm. I learned how to develop film and make prints I the darkroom.  My focus turned more to my aging parents and to my young nieces and nephews. After some time I understood that these pictures were a document and part of a larger body of work that would not be completed until my young nieces and nephews reached adulthood. 

I chose the title 'Evidence' because evidence are facts and show that something has taken place.  These pictures evidence lives lived over the course of three plus decades.