Jesus Days is a pictorial memoir drawn from images I made in my twenties while working as a Youth Minister for a large, conservative, U.S. based, religious organization, called InterVarsity Christian Fellowship. It was my job to establish, encourage and train groups of young Christians at secular colleges and universities to share their faith with their non-believing peers.  I led prayer meetings and Bible studies, directed seminars and weekend conferences, staffed summer camps, participated in missionary projects in Central America and evangelized on the sunny beaches of Fort Lauderdale, Florida during Spring Break. 

Beginning in 1978 and continuing for the next five years, I documented my day to day life with a camera given to me by a returning missionary. Not being aware of it at the time, I realize today that the camera allowed me to say in pictures what I could not say in words. In 1983 I resigned from the organization, came out as a gay man and moved to New York City where I studied and obtained an MFA in Film from Columbia University.

A selection of images from Jesus Days has appeared in print in the first issue of Hello, Mr and the German publication, Vorn. Jesus Days has been featured online in Interview Magazine Germany, Vice Magazine U.S. and Vice Germany, the Huffington Post and the curated arts online resource, Culture Hall.

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