Greg Reynolds was born in Kentucky. At the age of 30, he left his position as a Campus Minister for a conservative evangelical Christian organization, came out as a gay man and moved to New York City where he studied film at Columbia University from which he obtained an MFA in 1989. He photographs his family and friends, as well as strangers and models, trying to capture the intimacy they share in that moment. A portraitist and visual story teller, he draws his inspiration from painting, documentary photography and cinema.

In 2014, Reynolds published his first photo book  Jesus Days, 1978-1983 with Bywater Brothers Editions. comprising kodachromes that Reynolds took while working as an evangelical Christian campus minister. Italian curator Francesco Zanot included Jesus Days in the inaugural exhibition of the Prada Foundation's Osservatorio Gallery in Milan, Italy in 2016-2017.

Today, he works on future book Evidence, a selection of his photographs integrated with pictures from the family archive.  Possibly Maybe, is a series of men’s portraits. He has studied and assisted at the School of the International Center of Photography in New York City. After residing in New York City and Berlin, Reynolds makes his home back again in Lexington, Kentucky.